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SEA ICE PORTAL now offers users a Progressive Web App (PWA)

Faster and easier access to the SEA ICE PORTAL – Install the meereisportal.de app for a better user experience.

In today’s world, faster and easier access to news and information is more important than ever. Being informed and up-to-date, having direct access to the most important news, and being able to keep our finger on the pulse of our time shapes our daily lives. SEA ICE PORTAL is well aware of this trend.

Accordingly, following on the heels of its relaunched website, from today SEA ICE PORTAL also offers a “Progressive Web App” (PWA), allowing the portal to quickly and securely be accessed by all mobile devices. Our Meereisportal PWA is optimised for mobile devices and can be easily downloaded to your smartphone or tablet from a browser, without the need for an app store.

Your benefits:

  • The PWA allows you to browse our site and view the contents on a variety of devices, e.g. laptops, tablets and smartphones – you no longer have to enter the website’s URL in your browser.
  • The site loads faster – so you can spend less time waiting and more time surfing the contents.
  • The PWA is designed for a better user experience – it’s easy to navigate through and to use without the need for further apps.


With just a few clicks, you can install the new Meereisportal Progressive Web App not only on your desktop PC, but on mobile devices like your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to their intuitive handling, PWAs work almost exactly like “normal” apps.

If you’re unsure how to directly install the app using your browser or device, then – if your browser supports it – you:

  • will be informed about the new PWA via a banner, or
  • can open the installation dialogue by clicking on the “Install app” button at the bottom of our website’s landing page.

How the website is installed as a PWA varies depending on your device (PC, smartphone, tablet) and browser.

Helpful tips for your installation can be found to the right of the text. If necessary, please inform yourself about the modalities of your browser before installation.

We hope you enjoy the new Meereisportal PWA!



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Meereisportal PWA compatible devices.

Meereisportal PWA compatible devices.

Icon of the Progressive Web App (PWA) of Meereisportal.