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Lowest June sea-ice extent in the Antarctic since 1979 recorded

18 July 2022
The month of June is characterised by major changes in the sea-ice extent in both polar regions. In the Arctic, the influence of the sunlight steadily increases until, on 21 June, the Polar Day begins north of the Arctic Circle and the sun never sets for several weeks on end. In the Antarctic, the Polar Night falls and the sun never rises in many areas south of the Antarctic Circle. In the Arctic, the most intensive melting phase begins, while the belt of pack-ice in the Antarctic constantly grows. Read more here ...



Sea-ice extent drops below long-term seasonal average in both polar regions

23 June 2022
While we in Germany are easing into the summer, in the Arctic the days are also growing longer, intensifying the incoming sunlight, which is what primarily determines the melting of sea ice. In contrast, the pack ice is now steadily growing in the Antarctic. This year, observations of the sea-ice extent development in both hemispheres reveal a trend clearly below the long-term average. The sea-ice extent’s further development in both hemispheres depends on a number of factors and can’t yet be predicted for the remainder of the year. Read more here ...

DriftStories from the MOSAiC expedition through the Central Arctic

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