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Maps & Graphics

Tremendous amounts of observational data are generated in sea-ice research. Even researchers themselves often find it hard to draw the right conclusions from this sea of numbers. Accordingly, they convert the raw data into maps and graphics, which often allow various trends to be recognised at a glance.

You want to know the current status of the sea-ice cover in the Arctic or Antarctic? You want to know how the sea ice has changed in the last ten years? With the help of our infographics you want to be able to explain to your children or neighbours e.g. how the Arctic food web works or the Arctic climate system? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find sea-ice maps for any day or timeframe of your choosing, annual sea-ice extent maps, animations, trend curves, and an archive of graphics from the articles posted on the SEA ICE PORTAL.


Sea-ice maps

Here you can select daily sea-ice extent maps or maps of the monthly mean values for both polar regions, from 2002 to the present. In addition, you’ll find ready-made animations and have the option of creating your own sea-ice concentration animations for a timeframe of your choosing. All animations can also be downloaded and include rights for further use.

Sea-ice extent, annual cycle

Here you can view the annual sea-ice cover development since 1972 in both polar regions in an interactive graphic. You can select and compare individual years and select different reference periods for the long-term mean.

Sea-ice trends

Here you’ll find graphics on the long-term development of the monthly mean sea-ice extent, available for every month of the year.


Here you’ll find all graphics and maps from the articles posted on the SEA ICE PORTAL, gathered in one place and sorted by topic.


You can view the sea-ice cover on any given day from 2012 to the present. You also have the option of including the exact positions of sea buoys or the Research Vessel Polarstern.