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Maps & Graphics

Tremendous amounts of observational data are generated in sea-ice research. Even researchers themselves often find it hard to draw the right conclusions from this sea of numbers. Accordingly, they convert the raw data into maps and graphics, which allow various trends to be recognised at a glance.

You want to know the current status of the sea-ice cover in the Arctic or Antarctic? You want to know how the sea ice has changed in the last ten years? You want to be able to explain to your children or neighbours how the Arctic food web works? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find interactive sea-ice maps, animations and an archive of graphics from the articles posted on the SEA ICE PORTAL.

Interactive graph sea-ice extent

You want to create your own graphics on the sea-ice cover? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here, with just a few clicks you can create and download your own tailor-made figures on the sea-ice development.

Data Portal for Beginners

Here you can quickly and easily view sea-ice cover maps of the Arctic and Antarctic for certain days of the year and trend curves for certain months, without having to dive into the raw data. Try it out!

Overview infographics on all SEA ICE PORTAL topics.

Infographic collection

Here you’ll find all graphics and maps from the articles posted on SEA ICE PORTAL, gathered in one place. To help you find your way, all figures are sorted by topic; they can be downloaded and used for non-commercial purposes.

Visualising Sea-ice Data

Using this interactive map, with just a few clicks you can see the sea-ice cover in the Arctic or Antarctic for any given day from 2012 to the present and display the exact positions of monitoring buoys or the research vessel Polarstern.

In these detail sections, you’ll have the chance to comprehensively expand your grasp of sea ice.