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But who’s actually behind meereisportal.de?

Here you’ll find out who’s at work behind the scenes at meereisportal.de, i.e., which researchers are contributing their expertise on various aspects of sea ice. After all, one thing is crystal clear: without these valued contributors, meereisportal.de simply couldn’t work! Their knowledge, hard work and commitment are what allow us to prepare the latest data and report on the latest developments regarding sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic.

As such, in the following, you’re warmly invited to get to know us better:


Portrait Dr Klaus Grosfeld

Dr Klaus Grosfeld

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Portrait Dr Renate Treffeisen
Portrait Dr Stefanie Arndt

Dr Stefanie Arndt

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Portrait Dr Hauke Flores

Dr Hauke Flores

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Portraitfoto Dr. Helge Goessling
Portraitfoto Prof. Dr. Christian Haas
Portrait Dr Stefan Hendricks
Portraitpic Dr Georg Heygster

Dr Georg Heygster

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Portrait Dr Monica Ionita-Scholz
Portrait Dr Lars Kaleschke

Dr Lars Kaleschke

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Portrait Dr Michael Karcher
Portrait Dr Frank Kauker

Dr Frank Kauker

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Portrait Dr Thomas Krumpen

Dr Thomas Krumpen

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Portrait Prof Dr Dirk Notz

Prof Dirk Notz

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Portrait Dr Marcel Nicolaus
Portrait Dr Ilka Peeken

Dr Ilka Peeken

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Portrait Dr Gunnar Spreen

Dr Gunnar Spreen

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