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Freezer lab work reveals sea ice properties of MOSAiC ice cores

Group of scientists from four international partner institutions and a filmmaker have come to Bremerhaven to process and analyze sea-ice cores samples from MOSAiC expedition.

Meeisportal2.0: The sea-ice info-portal with its finger on the pulse of our times

With the relaunch, meereisportal.de has integrated modern science communication tools in order to continue its successful track record in knowledge transfer.

Year-end sea-ice development in the Antarctic

The sea-ice extent in the Antarctic is rapidly approaching the summer minimum and reached a record low in December.

Arctic Sea-Ice Retreat Continues

The summer 2022 showed once again that the sea-ice cover is determined by both long-term trends and short-term, substantial year-on-year variations caused by the weather and ocean currents.

At the End of the Arctic Summer

As the summer draws to a close, the surface of the central Arctic Ocean is once again beginning to freeze over. The ocean-driven melting may continue for several more weeks.

Arctic Ice Thicknesses in Fram Strait and North of Green-land in Summer 2022

First Results of the IceBird Aerial Campaign

Map product “Multiyear Ice” now also available for the Antarctic!

In addition to ice extent and thickness, ice age is an important parameter for the characterisation and formation of sea ice!

Lowest June sea-ice extent in the Antarctic since 1979 recorded

The month of June is characterised by major changes in the sea-ice extent in both polar regions.

Sea-ice extent drops below long-term seasonal average in both polar regions

While we in Germany are easing into the summer, in the Arctic the days are also growing longer, intensifying the incoming sunlight, which is what primarily determines the melting of sea ice.

“Sea-ice biology” - New section offered at meereisportal.de

By expanding the available information products on “sea-ice knowledge”, we can finally respond to a request that has long-since and repeatedly been expressed to the team: to complement information on the physical world and climatic aspects of sea ice with the important…