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New on the SEA ICE PORTAL: create your own animations!

Interested in making your own animations of the sea-ice concentration in the Arctic and Antarctic? For a period of your choosing? And in various resolutions and speeds? Now you can, thanks to our new tool “Create your own animations”.

Seasonal maximum sea-ice extent in the Arctic and minimum in the Antarctic reached

In 2024, the sea-ice minimum in the Antarctic is similarly low to last year. Meanwhile, the sea-ice cover in the Arctic has reached its maximum, which clearly surpasses the long-term trend.

Year-end sea-ice conditions in the Arctic and Antarctic

While the Arctic sea ice is growing steadily, in the Antarctic, the sea ice is at a record low for the season.

Arctic Sea-ice Minimum Reached in Summer

This year, at the end of summer there’s more snow cover than melt ponds on the Arctic sea ice, and the ice is thicker than in previous years. Nevertheless, the trend of summer ice retreat continues.

Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches Record Low for the Southern Winter

Though it’s winter in the Antarctic, the sea-ice cover is worryingly low.

Arctic Sea Ice Approaching Summer Minimum

Although the sea ice is likely to retreat further in the next few days, a new record low is unlikely.

New Online Tool: Make Your Own Sea-ice Graphics

Now you can create, customise and download your own sea-ice development graphics. How? With our new, interactive Graphics Tool.

Sea-ice Development in the Antarctic Still at Record Low

Following the record minimum in February and the monthly low in May, the month of June was also characterised by unprecedentedly low sea-ice cover in the Antarctic.

Antarctic Sea-ice Extent at a Seasonal Low

In the Antarctic, the freezing season is off to a sluggish start, as the unprecedentedly low sea-ice extent for this time of year shows.

SEA ICE PORTAL now offers users a Progressive Web App (PWA)

Faster and easier access to the SEA ICE PORTAL – Install the meereisportal.de app for a better user experience.