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New Online Tool: Make Your Own Sea-ice Graphics

Antarctic Arctic

Now you can create, customise and download your own sea-ice development graphics. How? With our new, interactive Graphics Tool.

The annual development of the sea-ice extent is one of the most important parameters for describing the seasonal progression of sea-ice development. It is particularly relevant when combined and compared with long-term mean values, the development in past years, and/or past extrema. To date, this has only been possible in “static” form, using daily sea-ice charts. By providing a new, interactive Graphics Tool, meereisportal.de has made a substantial stride forward. Now you can select and compare the development of the sea-ice extent for any years from 1973 to the present. By doing so, you can – depending on what information you’re looking for – create, download and (in compliance with our usage rights policy) use your own tailor-made set of graphics. “The SEA ICE PORTAL’s new Graphics Tool is a real win for all users. Using it, they can quickly, easily and independently compare the development of the sea-ice extent in the polar regions in different years, helping them judge the current ice situation for themselves!” says Dr Klaus Grosfeld, Managing Director of REKLIM and responsible for this valuable expansion of user functions in the portal’s “Maps & Graphics” section.

Curious? Then try it out! Here you can find our interactive Graphics Tool and brief instructions on how to modify and use the maps and graphics provided for your own purposes. We hope you’ll enjoy using the tool to gain new insights into the development of the sea-ice extent in the Arctic and Antarctic!


Dr Klaus Grosfeld (AWI)

Dr Renate Treffeisen (AWI)

Ralf Röchert (AWI)


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How to cite our maps:
Please include the following in the acknowledgments: Sea-ice data from www.meereisportal.de (funding: REKLIM-2013-04).
Citation style: Spreen, G.; Kaleschke, L. and Heygster, G. (2008), Sea ice remote sensing using AMSR-E 89 GHz channels J. Geophys. Res.,vol. 113, C02S03, doi:10.1029/2005JC003384.