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Would you like to join the EU Research Project PolarRES and share your own impressions from the polar regions?

For many people, the endless expanses of the polar regions are a place they dream of one day visiting, but in most cases, something they only know from pictures in documentaries. In order to demonstrate the vulnerability of the polar regions and especially to share the perspectives of non-scientists on the polar habitat, we plan to gather, bundle and distribute your experiences. The results will subsequently be presented as a Polar Panorama, an interactive gallery that will be available on the PolarRES project website. In this way, we can work together to raise awareness for the vulnerability of the polar regions at the ecological, social and cultural level alike. 

PolarRES is an EU project intended to investigate interactions in the climate systems of the Arctic and Antarctic. In addition, its sub-project, the Citizen Science Project “Map of Citizen Experience”, will assess and highlight the social and ecological impacts of climate change. The Citizen Science approach is based on involving individuals in the research process who are not employed in the respective discipline or field. The subproject is coordinated by the Climate Office at the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI).

If you’d like to be part of the EU project, you’re warmly invited to share impressions from your travels or your (polar) home using the upload form below. By doing so, you can help us “give a face” to the vulnerability of the polar regions and raise awareness for the need to protect the polar regions.

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