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Data Portal for Beginners

Choose your own maps and graphics

You want to know how the sea-ice situation looked in the Arctic or Antarctic on certain days of the year? Or to compare ice-extent maps and long-term trends from different months? Thanks to our Data Portal for Beginners, you can quickly and easily pick and choose the sea-ice maps, monthly mean values or trend curves for the timeframe you’re most interested in. We’ve provided easy-to-use interfaces where you can enter your search parameters.

Some trends can best be described using graphics. Accordingly, we have also prepared a number of animations that reflect important sea-ice trends – like how the summer sea-ice minimum in the Arctic or Antarctic has changed since 2002. And if you’re looking for more in-depth information: at our scientific Data Portal, you can find a broad selection of additional data from sea-ice observations and on climatology, as well as raw data from our sea-ice research.

Sea-ice maps

Here you can select from daily sea-ice extent maps or maps of monthly mean values for both polar regions, from 2002 to the present.

Sea-ice trends

Here you’ll find graphics on the long-term development of the sea-ice extent in the Arctic and Antarctic, available for every month of the year.


Here you’ll find a range of time series on the sea-ice concentration as animations, where you can follow e.g. how the summer sea-ice cover in the Arctic or Antarctic has changed over the years.

In these detail sections, you’ll have the chance to comprehensively expand your grasp of sea ice.