Autonomous Measurement of Sea Ice Properties

Buoys or more generally speaking “ice tethered platforms” belong to the most important instruments to collect times-series data sets from remoted regions of the polar area. These buoys are able to carry out autonomous measurements of the physical properties of the sea ice, snow, and the upper layer of the ocean.

The data archive of offers a collection of data, metadata, and results of the buoys in the Arctic and Antarctica from the AWI “Sea Ice Physics” (AWI) group as well as from external partners. Furthermore, there is a collection of sources for additional buoy data.

At the moment, different types of buoys are placed on the Arctic and Antarctic. For example, buoys are installed that measure the thickness and temperature of the sea ice (red symbols and lines) and others that detect the thickness of the snow layer (green symbols and lines). The map shows the current position of the active buoys that existed at the time of map development. The lines indicate the movement of each buoy from the time of installation to the current day. The distance matches the drift of the ice floe due to wind and sea.

Figure: Last position of the currently active AWI buoys in the Arctic (left) and the Antarctica (right)