Weather seasaw Arctic – middle latitudes

MOSAiC: A booster shot for research into how the Arctic affects our weather

3 February 2022
It was nearly ten years ago when polar researchers first speculated that the dramatic loss of sea ice in the Arctic could have direct effects on the weather in the middle latitudes. Ever since, atmospheric researchers Dr Dörthe Handorf and Dr Annette Rinke at the AWI in Potsdam have been searching for concrete evidence of the interrelations between the sea ice, polar air currents, and our weather in Central Europe. To do so, the physicists not only need to gain a better grasp of the interplay between the ice, ocean and atmosphere; they also have to integrate every new detail into their climate models. Thanks to the wealth of data gathered during MOSAiC, their work is now gaining momentum, as the two experts report in the following interview. Read more here...

Boundary-layer physicists: when perseverance pays off

19 January 2022
Optimising climate models is definitely not the ideal task for people who need to see quick results. It takes perseverance, a love for detail, and a tremendous amount of stamina, as the findings of a joint German-Russian project (POLEX) now show. In the project, experts from the Alfred Wegener Institute and their Russian peers succeeded in substantially improving the AWI’s regional climate model for the Arctic – with the help of simplified equations for simulating heat and momentum transfer in the boundary layer. Read more here...