Videos on the MOSAiC Expedition

Impressions of the MOSAiC expedition
Here we present videos on various aspects of MOSAiC:

Learning Videos:

“Frozen in the Ice: Exploring the Arctic” is offered through the online course platform Coursera, and also viewable here on YouTube. The course takes you to the North Pole: learn all about the extraordinary MOSAiC Arctic research mission that has frozen an icebreaker into the Arctic Ocean, where it will drift for 13 months ( In this course, you’ll hear directly from more than three dozen MOSAiC scientists and Arctic experts as they summarize the core of their research, what types of data they collecting during MOSAiC on the ice, under the sea, and in the air and describe why this expedition is so key for increasing our understanding of the Arctic and global climate systems.description to come.

See the videos here.

Explanatory videos:

Melting ice – changes in ocean currents and ecology

Dr Benjamin Rabe and Dr Hauke Flores summarise the hypotheses and goals of the Ocean Team and the zoologists taking part in the MOSAiC expedition, while also highlighting potential changes in ocean currents and food webs.