Podcasts on the MOSAiC Expedition

Podcast IcePod: IcePod Beitrag mit Anja Sommerfeld
In this episode of The IcePod, the podcast about polar science and the people, atmospheric scientist and project manager of MOSAiC Anja Sommerfeld explains why she set her alarm clock to exactly 7.13 am every morning during Leg 2, what it took to prepare 77 early-morning weather balloons for their ascent, and why working with Lady Miss Piggy can be a tough job.

Podcast IcePod: Bonus Episode – PPP Captain Thomas Jung

Podcast IcePod: The IcePod Bonus Episode with Markus Rex
In this bonus episode of the IcePod, MOSAiC coordinator Markus Rex talks about his experiences and impressions during Leg 1 of the ever largest expedition in the Arctic.

Podcast IcePod: How do you like your eggs?
IcePod episode with Dr Gunnar Spreen, Sea-ice Physicist and Head of the Research Group Remote Sensing of Polar Regions, IUP/University of Bremen

Podcast IcePod: The moon episode
IcePod episode with Dr Stefan Hendricks, Meereisphysiker at the AWI

Preparing for MOSAiC with Dr Stefanie Arndt
How do you actually prepare yourself for the greatest Arctic expedition in history, and what research questions are the experts hoping to answer?
In our podcast ‘The IcePod’, Dr Stefanie Arndt, a sea-ice physicist at the AWI, tells us about her own preparations for MOSAiC, and what sets the expedition apart. 

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