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Polar bear on the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean.

Polar bears

Polar bears are the kings of the Arctic. Considered the largest land-based predators on Earth, they are greatly endangered by climate change and the loss of sea ice. Here you’ll learn more about these “white giants” and how they live near the North Pole.


For whales, the polar seas offer food in plenty – thanks in part to the high primary production below the sea ice. Here we’ll introduce you to the most important species in the Arctic and Antarctic – from the mysterious “unicorns” of the Arctic Ocean to the gigantic blue whale.

Bowhead whale
Ringed Seal


The Arctic and Antarctic are home to numerous species of seal. Here you can read more about the agile ringed seal, which uses its claws to keep open its breathing holes in the sea ice, and about the mighty walrus, which tips the scales at more than one metric ton.