DriftStories from the 2019/2020 MOSAiC expedition through the Central Arctic

28 February 2020

The MOSAiC expedition, the ultimate drift experiment through the Arctic in winter, has been underway since the 20th of September 2019. Its goal: to improve our understanding of the Arctic climate system and its representation in global climate models. By doing so, MOSAiC will also provide a more solid scientific basis for political decisions regarding climate change mitigation and adaptation, and for establishing a framework to help sustainably steer the Arctic’s future development.

At meereisportal.de we supplement the MOSAiC expedition with sea-ice-related information and detailed maps, report on the researchers’ initial findings, and provide background information on the expedition’s ICE Team. By doing so, we hope to offer the readers of meereisportal.de deeper insights into the sea-ice research conducted in the course of the expedition, as well as first-hand information. 

With the DriftStories, once a month we’ll introduce a member of the ICE Team and share insights into the background of their research area. Together with the weekly Sea Ice Ticker, these stories will present the sea-ice-related work being done on site in more detail, and help readers understand the role of sea-ice research within the context of the MOSAiC expedition as a whole. We hope you enjoy reading them!

The first DriftStory focuses on the difficulties selecting, and the history of, the ice floe that RV Polarstern has been drifting together with through the Arctic winter for the past 150 days.

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