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27 February 2019

Since being launched in 2013, the information and data portal has provided, for the first time, a central German-language source of scientific findings on the topic of sea ice for all levels of society and in various levels of detail. is a knowledge transfer project jointly created by the research network REKLIM, the AWI and its Climate Office, and the University of Bremen (IUP).

But who’s actually behind
We set out to introduce our team to you, our visitors and regular readers, so as to give you a better idea of the people involved in the various sections of

In this new part of our website, you’ll find out who’s at work behind the scenes at, i.e., which researchers are contributing their expertise on various aspects of sea ice. We asked them about their background and current research interests, but also what led them to be a part of After all, one thing is crystal clear: without these valued contributors, simply couldn’t work! Their knowledge, hard work and commitment are what allow us to prepare the latest data and report on the latest developments regarding sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic. That being said, the team also includes colleagues from the AWI’s computing centre who, though they may not be directly visible in the articles, are indispensable to ensuring that our maps and data products are released daily or available in the archive, and that newly developed products are regularly added. And last but not least, there are the ‘thinkers’ who develop new concepts for and ensure that its reports and data products remain cutting-edge and innovative.

Our experts work in a broad range of fields, e.g. sea-ice physics, climatology, marine biology and environmental physics, and share their latest findings. Making their expertise and results freely accessible involves a great deal of hard work on the part of the researchers involved.
Combining various research areas on a single site is no mean feat, and requires true teamwork, which is why we’ve sought a way to provide you with more detailed information on our team of experts. Effective immediately, you can read about all contributors to, the type of work they do for the portal, and what led them to share their knowhow.

To pique your curiosity, here are a few excerpts from the interviews: is the only project of its kind in Germany, and brings together not only various experts from the AWI, but also external researchers. Otherwise, much of the work done in sea-ice research is limited to the USA. In addition, the topic only receives media coverage on a seasonal basis; the rest of the time, it attracts little attention.
(Dr Stefan Hendricks, AWI)

As a researcher, I consider it my responsibility to share my work, and not just as part of scientific publications, but also in a way that ensures everyone can access and understand it.
(Dr Christian Melsheimer, IUP)

Thanks to the adopt-a-buoy project, for instance, we had the opportunity to introduce children and school classes to our research. […] This “hands-on” polar research opens up a whole new way of reaching people, and allows them to identify with the topic of sea ice in a different way. Creating that kind of link to society is also an essential part of our work.
(Dr Stefanie Arndt, AWI)

We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know our team!

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